What is IELTS? Reading tips and Information

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What is IELTS - Reading tips and information

The IELTS Academic Reading Module has three reading passages that become progressively more challenging for ESL students. IELTS candidates are given 60 minutes to answer questions for all three passages.

The reading passages are on a variety of subjects and are chosen for their suitability for people entering university.

The types of skills the Reading Module assesses include:IELTS reading practice

  • identifying the gist of a passage
  • finding detailed factual information in a passage
  • identifying relationships between ideas or information items: — cause and effect — order of events — comparison
  • making inferences distinguishing between fact, assumption or opinion
  • understanding text organisation
  • summarising information

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These are types of exercises you can expect in the IELTS Reading Module.
These enable you to show your knowledge by giving

  • short answers
  • multiple choice answers
  • matching classifications
  • completing sentences
  • completing notes
  • completing a summary
  • completing a table
  • completing a form
  • completing a flow chart or diagram
  • selecting headings for paragraphs
  • recognising a writer's views or claims
  • answering True, False, Not Given questions 

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