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Free Sample Lessons and Exercises

Lesson Exercise Key: What do these pictures mean?

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 IELTS Academic Reading - Summary & Table completion
  Reading Comprehension - IELTS Academic Task Type 4
IELTS Tips, Help and Strategies

 River Truck - Elementary
  A 3-year-old boy was unhurt after he floated down a river riding on his toy truck. There are five exercises to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar - past simple and past continuous

 Power Dressing - Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate
  Dressing for work environmentally; dressing down to keep cool.
Grammar - stop + -ing or infinitive, Vocabulary - brain words, matching clothes and pictures, Reading comprehension - scanning, true false not given questions, multiple choice, ordering a text, Listening to a conversation.

 Earth Day - But What Can I Do? - Upper-Intermediate
  Some people feel that it is the responsibility of every individual to initiate change to improve the environment. Others feel that only governments and large corporations can initiate changes that will have a significant effect. Explain both points of view and give your own opinion.
Writing - a task 2 essay giving your opinion, identifying spelling mistakes, Listening - completing notes, classifying statements, completing a diagram, Reading comprehension - answering True, False, Not Given questions, matching headings, matching paragraphs.

 Coffee - A Complex Brew - Advanced
  These 7 exercises look at growing and making coffee.
Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, Listening - describing a process, Grammar - the passive.

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Selfaccess.com has two types of online lessons for all levels of English study.
Academic English lessons are perfect for students who need to prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE or TOEIC. These lessons are longer than the General English lessons and intermediate to advanced level students will find these very helpful for exam practice and preparation.
General English lessons range from elementary for beginners to advanced and include grammar, listening, writing, reading and comprehension activities.

Types of activities at Selfaccess.com
  • short answer
  • multiple choice answers
  • matching classifications
  • completing a sentence
  • completing notes
  • completing a summary
  • completing a table
  • completing a form
  • matching sentence halves
  • selecting headings for paragraphs
  • recognising a writer's views or claims
  • reconstructing essays
  • reordering sentences  
  • completing open clozes
  • identifying errors
  • transforming sentences
  • analysing graphs
  • using discourse markers
  • matching vocabulary definitions
  • multiple choice questions on structure and written expression

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You can choose from a variety of grammar activities. We have a huge variety of listening comprehension exercises, as well as many activities based on the argumentative essays and descriptive writing. We have model essays for IELTS test task 2 and TWE writing tests and IELTS exam task 1 graph reports.

The great thing about these ESL lessons is that you can study English at your own speed!

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