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SelfAccess English course - Upper-Intermediate 01


This course will help you get results and improve those English skills you need to succeed.
This course contains:
20 lessons based on real newspaper articles.
Reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.
This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
Over 120 activities and exercises - approximately 30 hours of online study.
Colourful graphics and audio.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
You have 3 months to complete the course and can do each exercise in each lesson twice. We have divided the course up by theme. Each lesson has its own theme and covers a number of skills and skill subsets you will need to pass your exam. After completing this course, we recommend you do the Upper Intermediate 02 course.


Texts: 100 a day - Reading comprehension - scanning for numbers, reading for detail, Vocabulary - matching, Grammar - discourse markers.

Pacific Weather Patterns - Listening, Vocabulary - weather words, "effect and "affect", Reading comprehension, Grammar - linking words

Something's Cooking For Career Changers - Listening, Reading comprehension - skimming and scanning, Vocabulary - jobs and occupations.

Work Stress Health Woes - Listening, vocabulary - suffixes and word classes.

Blonde Jokes - Reading comprehension - short answers, Vocabulary - morphology, suffixes and prefixes, words using -un.

Super Sushi - Vocabulary and reading comprehension. Grammar - comparisons and the imperative.

Young Smokers Find A Way - Listening, Reading comprehension, Grammar - prepositions and graph interpretation.

Internet Healthcare & Cyberchondria - Reading comprehension, Listening, Grammar - present perfect, Writing - rebuild a news article.

Micro Billions - Grammar - present perfect continuous, Vocabulary - money words, adjectives and word forms, Reading comprehension.

Happy Birthday, Athina! - Listening, Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar - past perfect

Traveling with, or without, your best friend - Reading comprehension - scanning, Vocabulary and Grammar - adverbs.

Rats Rats Rats - Listening - dictation, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar - present participles

The Gleaners - Grammar - -ing forms and gerunds, Reading comprehension. Practise using -ing forms as adjectives or nouns.

Long Live The Book? -Listening exercises, Vocabulary work, Grammar - - Grammar - reported speech, quantifiers, linkers, Reading comprehension, Writing an essay giving your opinion, Listening.

Under Attack - Reading comprehension - completing a table, Grammar - modal verbs, Listening - completing a summary, Vocabulary - matching words and definitions.

Is Anybody Listening to Me? -Reading comprehension, Listening and describing a process, Grammar - modal verbs.

Driving Guide -Grammar - modal verbs of obligation and necessity, spotting the mistakes, Listening, Reading comprehension, Writing.

Driving Guide - Give an Inch - Grammar - articles, Listening and Vocabulary

The Business of First Impressions -Reading comprehension, Grammar - conditional sentences, Zero, first, second or third?

Survey Results 'Too Good' - Listening and grammar - passive.



If you have an IELTS score of approximately 5, a TOEFL score of 500-600 or are trying for Cambridge Advanced English, this online course will be very helpful.