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This course will help you improve your English skills for work, travel & everyday communication!.

This course contains:
20 lessons based on real newspaper articles.
Reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.
This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
Over 100 activities and exercises - approximately 30 hours of online study.
Model essays, letters and reports.
Colorful graphics and audio.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
You have 3 months to complete the course and can do each exercise in each lesson twice. We have divided the course up by theme. Each lesson has its own theme and covers a number of skills and skill subsets you will need to pass your exam. We have selected some shorter, less difficult lessons for you to begin with.

Not The Retiring Type - Grammar - past simple, Vocabulary - phrasal verbs.

Sea 'Monster' Hijacks Boaters - Reading comprehension, listening and grammar - passive or active voice?.

Chocoholism - An Epidemic? - Listening - multiple choice, choosing sentence endings, completing a cloze, vocabulary - matching prefixes.

Top Dog May Be Cheat - Listening, Reading comprehension, Grammar - the passive with modal verbs & gerunds.

Looking Up - Grammar - present perfect, Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - "long" and "short" compound words using nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Congestion Tax for Cars - Grammar - present perfect, finding errors, Reading comprehension - answering True, False or Not Given questions, short answer questions, completing a table, Writing - an argumentative essay.

Mothers and Daughters - Listening - dictation, multiple choice, Grammar - modal verbs

Situations Vacant - Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - job words, Grammar - revision of modal verbs must / need / have to, Writing - a letter of application.

Animal Friends - Reading comprehension, Grammar - zero conditional, first conditional and second conditional.

That's Not Junk - Reading comprehension - multiple choice questions, Grammar - the second conditional.

Thief Trapped in Elevator Reading comprehension and Grammar - third conditional

Tomatina Festival - food fight - Reading comprehension, Grammar - adjectives, superlatives and comparatives, third conditional.

Criss-Crossed Lovers - Listening, reading comprehension, grammar - past perfect, and vocabulary exercises - phrasal verbs.

Volunteer Work - Reading comprehension, Grammar - past perfect

Lunching Billionaire Style - Buying a $351,100 lunch. There are 4 exercises to do. Grammar - Past Perfect, Listening.

Signing a petition - Buying a $351,100 lunch. There are 4 exercises to do. Grammar - Past Perfect, Listening.

The Paranormal - Reading comprehension - complete the summary, Grammar - used to, would or past simple?

Not To Your Taste?
Listening, Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar - talking about habits will, would and used to.

Smoking in the Movies - Reading comprehension - matching ideas and paragraphs, completing sentences, finding mistakes, Grammar - gerunds or infinitives?

Powerdressing - Grammar - stop + -ing or infinitive, Vocabulary - brain words, matching clothes and pictures, Reading comprehension - scanning, true false not given questions, multiple choice, ordering a text, Listening to a conversation.


Ideal for those who are approximately at an IELTS bandscore of 4, TOEFL 400-500 or aiming for FCE (First Certificate English).