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SelfAccess Online English course - Advanced 01


This course will help you improve your English skills for work, travel & everyday communication!

This course contains:
20 lessons based on real newspaper articles.
Reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.
This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
Over 120 activities and exercises - approximately 30 hours of online study.
Model essays, articles and reports.
Colourful graphics and audio.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
You have 3 months to complete the course and can do each exercise in each lesson twice. We have divided the course up by theme. There are 15 frequently occurring themes in each English course and then for each theme we have selected a lesson covering a number of skills and skill subsets you will need to pass your exam.

Accent on Second Language Development - Vocabulary - completing a cloze, crossword puzzle, Reading comprehension - short answers, completing a summary, multiple choice, spotting mistakes, Pronunciation - past tense -ed endings.

Electronic Junk Mail - Listening - dictation, multiple choice, Reading comprehension - scanning, completing a summary, Vocabulary, Grammar - spot the errors.

Coffee - A Complex Brew - Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, Listening - describing a process, Grammar - the passive.

Pampering Pets in Style - Reading, Vocabulary - synonyms, Grammar - inversion and fronting for emphasis.

Movie "Avatar" has few fans among mining execs - Grammar - present perfect, Reading comprehension - locating information, matching features, Writing - describing pictures using prompts.

Put a Cork in it - Listening, Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - word forms, Grammar - present perfect simple and continuous with for and since.

Slim Peace - Grammar - practise using -ing forms, matching headings and completing a summary.

Hands on Parenting - Writing an argumentative Task Two essay, using different word forms, writing summaries, grammar - participles

Beware of FrankenFish! - Listening and Grammar - relative clauses.

Water Drying Up - Listening, Reading comprehension, Grammar - reduced relative clauses, discourse markers, completing a sentence transformations, rebuilding an article and language in use.

Juggling work and family - Reading comprehension - completing a table, Listening - completing a table, gap fill, true false questions, mentioned or not mentioned, Grammar - using conjunctions and adverbs to show contrast.

Stressed! Stressed! Stressed! - Describing graphs, writing a report, Reading comprehension - multiple choice, Vocabulary - completing a cloze, choosing the right word, Grammar - discourse markers, conjunctions showing reason & result.

Welcome to Clone Farm - Reading comprehension - completing a summary, Grammar - modal verbs, adjectives and adverbs

The Nobel Prize - Vocabulary, Morphology - suffixes and prefixes.

Peace Training Ground- Reading comprehension - completing a summary, True, False, Not Given questions, Vocabulary, Grammar - word forms, suffixes.

The Security Council - Listening to a debate, Reading comprehension - completing a table, completing sentences, Writing - a discussion essay, Grammar - finding mistakes, multiple choice.

Greenhouse Gases & Global Warming Islands Nations Face Ruin - Listening, grammar - conditional sentences, sentence completion, Reading - scanning and skimming, Vocabulary from context.

Carbon Sinks and Photosynthesis - Reading comprehension - classifying causes and effects, Listening - completing a flow chart, Grammar - referencing.

The Death Penalty - Writing - an essay giving your opinion, an integrated TOEFL-ibt essay, Reading - scanning, vocabulary, classifying, Listening - taking notes.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Vocabulary - matching items and definitions, Reading comprehension - matching key sentence halves, multiple choice, Grammar - using prepositions, Writing - ordering a review, editing extra words, Listening - multiple choice, listening for errors, word order.


Those students with an approximate score of 6 in an IELTS test, a TOEFL score of 600-670 in the paper-based TOEFL test, 250-300 in the computer based TOEFL test or have passed the Cambridge Advanced English test will find these upper-intermediate and advanced lessons a very useful tool.