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SelfAccess Online English course - Pre-Intermediate 01


This course will help you improve your English skills for work, travel & everyday communication!.

This course contains:
20 lessons based on real newspaper articles, recordings and grammar points.
Reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary exercises.
This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
Over 140 activities and exercises - approximately 25 hours of online study.
Colorful graphics and audio.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
You have 3 months to complete the course. Each lesson covers a variety of skills and vocabulary.

Meet My Family
- Reading comprehension - spot the difference, Listening, Grammar - present simple.

Hello There...
- Grammar - present simple, word order, Vocabulary

Sports and Routines
- Listening, Grammar - present simple, Reading comprehension

Spoiled Kids
- Listening, Reading comprehension, Grammar - present simple.

Need Help with Homework? - Grammar - present simple, work order, question order, Reading comprehension - short answers, Listening.

- Grammar - present simple, present continuous, Reading comprehension.

Lego Building New Business
- Grammar - present continuous

Going Out -
Grammar - present continuous, present simple, question forms, Vocabulary, Listening, Reading comprehension

Online Shopping
- Vocabulary, Grammar - present continuous, Reading comprehension, Listening - completing a table.

Grocery Shopping
- Listening - following directions, Grammar - countable and uncountable nouns, quantifiers.

Prepositions of Place
Grammar - prepositions

Wild Elephants
- Vocabulary, Reading comprehension - short answers, Grammar - past simple

Super Milkman
- Grammar - past simple, regular and irregular verbs, Listening, Pronunciation and Reading comprehension.

Surprise Trips - Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar - past continuous and past simple.

Smiling Bank Robber
- Reading comprehension, grammar - pronouns and past simple.

Caught -
Grammar - past simple and past continuous.

Elderly Man Thwarts Bank Robbery
- Reading comprehension - ordering a text, matching questions and answers, Vocabulary, Grammar - past continuous and past simple.

Lucky Pets
- Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - animals, Grammar - comparative adjectives, Writing - using prompts.

Seeing-eye Sheep and Goats - Reading comprehension, Grammar - adjectives, Vocabulary - animals, hangman

Expensive Weddings
- Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar - gerunds and prepositions.


Ideal for those Pre-intermediate students who are approximately at an IELTS bandscore of 2-3, TOEFL 300-400, wanting to practice for PET or develop a wide range of language skills.