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This course will help you get results and improve those English skills you need to succeed.

This course contains:
20 lessons about health and lifestyles.
Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary exercises.
This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
Over 100 activities and exercises - approximately 30 hours of online study.
Colorful graphics and audio.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
You have 3 months to complete the course and can do each exercise in each lesson twice. Each lesson covers a variety of of skills and vocabulary. The final lessons in the course will present more of a challenge.
A Heathy Diet - Grammar - vountable and uncountable nouns

Fishy Milk? - Listening, Grammar - prepositions.

Keeping Fit - Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - play, do or go for activities, sports and equipment, Listening.

Watching Sport
- Reading comprehension, Grammar - used to, question order, Listening.

How are you feeling? - Coughs, colds, flus and symptoms

Talking to Doctors
- Listening, grammar - articles.

Hospitals and Doctors
- Listening - ordering a text, Grammar - articles, present perfect, verb forms, Reading comprehension, Vocabulary

First Aid - Reading comprehension, Vocabulary

The English Patient - Reading, grammar - verb forms.

Mothers and Daughters
- Arguing can be good for you? Listening - dictation, multiple choice, Grammar - modal verbs

Safe SUVs? - Listening

Education and stress - Vocabulary - word order, Reading comprehension - matching missing sentences, True, False, Not Given questions

Smoking - Reading comprehension - completing a cloze, Grammar - infinitive or -ing?

Diet & Diabetes
- Answering True, False or Not Given questions, completing an argumentative Task 2 essay, analysing a graph, spotting grammatical errors, completing a cloze, listening to a reading text.

Diet, Education and Obesity - Answering True, False or Not Given questions, writing an argumentative Task 2 essay, completing a summary.

Life Expectancy -
Reading comprehension, listening, sentence ordering, completing a table, Writing - a report describing a graph.

Technology and Safety
Reading comprehension - True, False, Not Given questions, matching halves of key point sentences, adding missing segments or phrases, Vocabulary - matching items and definitions, Grammar - using prepositions, Writing - structuring an article


- Reading comprehension - True, False, Not Given questions, short answers, multiple choice, Writing - completing a report describing a graph, editing extra words, completing a cloze, Vocabulary - filling the gaps in an argumentative essay, Grammar - using quantifiers.

An Hour a Day Leads to Violence
Answering True, False or Not Given questions, completing a cloze, completing a table, listening for detail.


Antibacterial Soaps?
- Vocabulary, writing.


Ideal for those pre-intermediate and intermediate students who are approximately at an IELTS bandscore of 3-4, TOEFL 400 or wanting to practice a wide range of language skills.