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Topic: Money, money, money
Topic: Healthy Eating
Topic: Crazy News Stories
Topic: Holidays
Topic: Earth Day and Climate Change
Topic: Dumb Criminals
Sports, Training & The Olympics
Grammar Practice - Using Adjectives
Grammar Practice - The Passive
Writing an Essay - Alternative energy Sources
Vocabulary - The Academic Word List
IELTS Speaking Test
Grammar Practice - The Conditionals
IELTS listening
Grammar Practice - Present Perfect
IELTS Academic Reading - Matching (Task Type 6)
General IELTS - Writing a Letter
Grammar Practice - Modal Verbs
Getting a Job
Featured Topic: food, drink & diets
Featured Topic: families
Using Topic Sentences
Grammar Practice - Past Perfect
Pronunciation Practice
Writing Practice
Practising Grammar
True / False / Not Given Questions
Skimming and Scanning
Test Taking Tips
Speaking Exam Tips
Exam Tips
Academic English - Understanding the topic of your essay
IELTS exam - How do I prepare for the reading section?
ESL exams - Which SelfAccess course for which exam?
IELTS Test - General or Academic?
The TOEFL-iBT Test
IELTS - Task 2 writing: criteria
TOEIC - the new TOEIC
TOEIC - how to prepare for the Reading section
Listening - Become a better listener
Writing - Task 2 essay structure
Writing about tables and charts
Writing essays in English
Need to practise grammar skills? Need to work on verb forms?
Preparing for a listening Exam

IELTS academic test - Task 1 writing tips and hints

IELTS general training module - letter writing
What listening skills do you need to pass an ESL exam?
FCE - writing reviews
Writing - nuclear issues
Listening and matching
Writing - testing on animals and animals in sport
Writing - the smoking debate
IELTS - matching key sentence halves
Writing and grammar - the present perfect
FCE - sentence transformations
Listening - preparing for a listening exam
Tips for practising vocabulary and writing
Improving reading skills
Need business lessons?
IELTS academic module - comparing charts and tables