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Lessons 481-490 (of 506)
Number: 279
Title: Conditional sentences - Anna Grammar Practice
Topic: Conditionals - I wish I were
Skills: Reading comprehension, Grammar
Level: All Levels
Number: 46
Title: Television and TV Violence
Topic: Television & media, violence, diet, leisure.
The amount of TV children watch should be limited. Do you agree?
Skills: Reading comprehension, Writing an argumentative IELTS essay, describing a graph, grammar - editing extra words and using quantifiers.
Level: Intermediate
Number: 160
Title: Smart Squirrel
Topic: Animals, crime, humurous stories.
A smart squirrel helped police find a box of stolen goods.
Skills: Reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar - prepositions.
Level: Elementary
Number: 277
Title: Punctuation - Anna Grammar Practice
Topic: Using apostrophes
Skills: Writing
Level: All Levels
Number: 41
Title: Pandas and Zoos
Topic: Animals, zoos, conservation, environment, endangered species.
Many animal rights activists claim that it is cruel and unnatural to keep animals in captivity. Do you agree or disagree?
Skills: Writing an IELTS Task two essay giving your opinion, using topic sentences, Reading - identifying supporting arguments, Vocabulary - matching definitions.
Level: Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
Number: 276
Title: Quantifiers - Anna Grammar Practice
Topic: Few, a few, little or some?
Skills: Grammar
Level: All Levels
Number: 326
Title: Stowaway Cat
Topic: Animals, rescue stories.
An international rescue mission to rescue a cat that stowed away on a ship.
Skills: Reading comprehension - ordering a story, Vocabulary - cloze, Grammar - adverbs too & enough.
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Number: 369
Title: TOEIC and TOEFL - reading comprehension
Topic: Test preparation
A selection of reading materials, such as charts, letters, timetables and reports.
Skills: Answering multiple choice reading questions.
Level: Intermediate
Number: 12
Title: Immunisation
Topic: Health & medicine, immunisation and vaccines.
We discuss the idea of compulsory vaccination, look at a survey and interview a doctor. Compulsory vaccination - the issue is not whether to vaccinate or not, but freedom of choice. It should be the right of each individual parent to make that choice, not a government. Do you agree?
Skills: Listening - multiple choice, completing sentences, Writing - an IELTS argumentative Task 2 essay, Reading - global multiple choice, inferring meaning from context, answering True/False/Not Given questions, classifying information.
Level: Advanced
Number: 42
Title: Internet Relevance
Topic: Science and Technology, Internet/Computers, business.
Many people feel the Internet offers too much choice and information - topics sometimes discussed in the IELTS, TOEFL and FCE exams. Do you agree?
Skills: Listening - multiple choice, completing a table, Grammar - present perfect, Reading - true false not given questions, completing a summary, scanning, Vocabulary
Level: Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
Lessons 481-490 (of 506)