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Business English course - English for work and the workplace.
SelfAccess Online English courses - English for Business


This course will improve your business vocabulary and help you in the world of work.
This course contains:
20 lessons based on newspaper articles, interviews, advertisements, letters etc.
Reading, writing, grammar, listening and vocabulary.

This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.

More than 130 online exercises.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress reports showing you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.

You have 3 months to complete the course and can do each exercise in each lesson twice. We have divided the course up by topic. Each lesson practices its own set of skills and skill subsets.

Taking Notes
Getting information correct over the phone!
It is often difficult to hear addresses, postcodes, invoice codes or usernames over the phone; people frequently get them wrong! That is why the NATO phonetic or spelling alphabet is very helpful and widely used internationally.
Listening, Vocabulary

Situations Vacant
Jobs, Looking for work, Business
Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - job words, Grammar - revision of modal verbs must / need / have to, Writing - a letter of application.


Getting A Job
Work, business, employment
A job interview - what to do, how to apply and how to prepare.
Grammar - first and second conditionals, Reading comprehension - multiple choice, Listening - a cloze exercise, Writing - letters of application..

Dress for Success
- Business and job interviews
What should people wear to work?
Listening - complete a summary, multiple choice, Reading comprehension - choose the title. Vocabulary - choose the correct word.


My Company

Looking at company structure; who reports to who?
Reading comprehension, Listening - completing a flow chart, Grammar - subject questions, question order.


Meetings, Meetings

Listen as someone arranges a meeting and then read the email confirming it.
Read about when meetings go wrong and find out when people do like to do business.
Reading comprehension - True, false, not given questions, Vocabulary, Listening - short answers questions, Writing - ordering an email, Grammar - editing mistakes.

Managing meetings

Many people don't enjoy business meetings but they are needed, so how do you make meetings productive?
Functional language, Vocabulary - meeting words, matching, Listening - complete a summary, complete a form, complete a table, Reading comprehension - scanning.


Long Hours
Work hours in Europe.
Reading comprehension - completing a summary, Writing - ordering a memo, completing the gaps and writing an email.

The Business of First Impressions
Business, fashion, work issues.
Dressing for business meetings.
Reading comprehension, Grammar - conditional sentences, Zero, first, second or third?

Women in Management
Business, Work issues, Gender issues, Salaries
In which countries are women more frequently employed in senior management? How do women get there? There are 10 exercises to do.
Reading comprehension, looking at a graph, completing a table, multi-choice, Grammar - spot the mistakes, Vocabulary - synonyms, opposites crossword puzzle and antonyms, Writing - a letter asking for a pay rise.

Working Mothers
Work issues, Business, Gender issues, Parenting and family life.
Blurb: As a cook, financial manager, psychologist and bus driver, American mothers should pull in $508,700 per year and American working mothers are more likely to work long hours than women without children. So who does the housework?
Academic IELTS writing - describing a graph, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar - sentence transformations, Reading comprehension - matching key sentence halves.

The Dress Code
Work, Business and clothes.
Like most things to do with the ultra-discreet "City" no one will go on record to tell you exactly which shoes, shirts and suits will mark you out as the money world's ultimate insider. But those who follow the dress code for the City of London's top circles suggest that these bankers care deeply about what they wear when trying to impress clients or rivals.
Writing - a letter of complaint, finding spelling and punctuation errors, Reading comprehension - multiple matching, short answers questions, classifying information, Listening - multiple choice questions.

Hard Workers
Work issues, business
Each year many Britons don't take their annual holidays or they keep working on holiday. Find out why. There are 6 exercises to do.
Reading comprehension - multiple choice, short answer questions, Grammar - sentence rewriting, Writing and vocabulary - completing a memo.

Shhh! Workers Sleeping!
Business, health & medicine.
There are seven exercises for you to do.
Grammar - prepositions, Reading comprehension and vocabulary - complete the article, complete the summary, choose the best headline, decide if something is fact or opinion. Fill in the email with the correct word and answer the multiple choice questions.

Stressed! Stressed! Stressed!
Business, health & medicine, work issues.
Causes of stress in the workplace. Read two articles and an email.
Describing graphs, writing a report, reading comprehension - multiple choice questions, Vocabulary - choosing the right word, discourse markers, completing a cloze.

Away on Business: A Traveler Snapshot
Business, travel, work issues.
Grammar - choosing the correct adverbs, completing a cloze, Beading comprehension - completing a table, answering multiple choice questions, sentence transformations, listening.

Tech Stereotypes
A look at top technology executive stereotypes, jobs for clever young programmers and a business offering a complete IT package.
Listening - matching statements and completing a summary, Reading comprehension - answering True, False, Not Given questions and multiple choice questions, completing a summary, using academic vocabulary, Writing - a letter of advice.

Modern Technology Makes Life Easier?
Science and Technology, Work Issues, Internet/computers, Business
Instead of freeing people, modern technology makes them even busier. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Grammar - adjectives, Vocabulary - gap fill, Listening - completing a table, Writing a task 2 discussion essay.

U.S. Makers Moving Homeward?

Business, Manufacturing
Surging costs see some U.S. manufacturers moving back onshore.
Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - words for business and finance, homonyms. Grammar - past perfect simple and continuous


Finance: Correcting your money mistakes
Business and Finance. Not everyone handles their money badly. In fact, most people manage to make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families. Look at some tips and advice.
Write a letter to the bank. Explain what has happened and say what you would like them to do about it.
Reading comprehension - matching headings and sections, completing a table, understand a writer's point of view, answering multiple choice questions, locating information, Writing - a letter of complaint.

Do you need English for work? You will find our Business English lessons very helpful. All our lessons have a business context and you will see examples of business letters, emails, reports and memos. Effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, so our lessons help you with correct usage. Read about the importance of holding structured meetings, listen to business calls and find out what NOT to wear to work. Ideal for Intermediate level students and above. 20 lessons that get progressively more difficult.