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About Us
Selfaccess.com is a part of English-To-Go Ltd
English-to-go Ltd is our parent company and http://www.selfaccess.com is one of our domains. The site is owned and managed by English-to-go Ltd.

ETG Teacher resources:

English To Go Ltd has been producing online materials for both teachers and students for over 10 years. http://www.english-to-go.com resources are used by more than 55,000 teachers in 190 countries reaching over one million students worldwide.

http://www.english-to-go.com is a site with a huge number of "Instant Lessons" for teachers - photocopiable lessons based on Reuters news articles.
  • The lessons have pre-reading activities, reading comprehension, writing and grammar exercises and post-reading activities, games, role plays or discussions. Each lesson comes complete with teachers' notes and answer keys.
  • There are over 1700 downloadable, photocopiable lessons from elementary to advanced and across an enormous range of topics. The library is fully searchable. There are also "warmers" and a grammar help section. These are used by homeschoolers, schools, ESL institutions and universities all around the world.
  • Many of the Instant lessons have linked online exercises which can be "booked" by teaches so students can use them from their schools or homes.
  • We supply our lessons to both individual teachers or through institutional wide agreements.

Selfaccess.com - student resources:

http://www.selfaccess.com has been delivering online lessons for more than 8 years.

  • Our Selfaccess.com lessons are used by universities in Qatar, the UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Japan, The UK, New Zealand ... the list goes on.
  • http://www.selfaccess.com provides online lessons for all students from elementary to advanced. There are more than 420 online lessons available in the library based mainly on Reuters news articles.
  • These are currently being used by a number of universities around the world who have given their complete student bodies access. www.hct.ac.ae www.zu.ac.ae www.cna-qatar.com and http://www2.kmutt.ac.th are some examples (access is controlled through IP locks).
  • Intermediate level students and above can use the Academic lessons to assist in preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, FCE or TOEIC.
  • The General English exercises provide listening, reading, writing and grammar exercises from elementary to advanced.
  • All lessons are interactive and are done online: all students would need are speakers or earphones to hear the listening exercises.
    We also have 16 online courses.

    All our lessons are written by professional ESL teachers with many years ESL, EFL and EAP teaching experience. Meet our Teachers! Click here to see what our users say!

Who are we?

The company

In early 1998 a small group of TESOL educationalists, designers and programmers agreed to work together in their spare time on developing English-To-Go. They spent nearly a year developing the teaching methodology and launched the first instant English lesson in 1998. Aptly enough, this free English lesson was called "Lift Off" and was about John Glenn's return to space.

Our first online English lesson was released on Selfaccess.net in September 2001 for free and we looked at the smoking debate.

We have also developed a third site called InstantWorkbook.com. This site contains interactive learning tools for English language that are linked to Instant Lessons and other English-To-Go resources. These quizzes, games, listening exercises, reading comprehension exercises and English grammar exercises complement our materials from the www.english-to-go.com website.

Our websites and their content are created by an international team of qualified and experienced TESOL teachers, ESL trainers, facilitators, linguists, technicians and educational experts. The lessons are used in more than 100 countries.

The Board

Greg Casagrande - Chairman

Greg has a record of significant achievement with Ford Motor Company, Mazda Motor Company and Coopers and Lybrand in the financial management, product development, manufacturing and sales and marketing arenas. He has led teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia and was honoured to be the youngest-ever Buchou (Division General Manager) of any major Japanese corporation.

Greg is a promoter of entrepreneurialism in Auckland and is on the founding board of the Ice Angels, a network of angel investors associated with the Ice House. He serves on the board of hi-tech company, BioMatters (www.biomatters.com).

He also serves on the Board of Directors of PlaNet Finance, a world leading, Paris based, microfinance support network, serves on the Board of Patrons of the United Nations International Year of Microcredit – 2005 and is founder of South Pacific Business Development Finance.

Chris Hogg

Chris has extensive international senior management, marketing and sales experience. He has held key leadership positions in software and services companies in North America and Europe over the last 20 years. Chris returned to New Zealand in 2002 to join ETG. Most recently Chris managed all non-American activities for CSG Systems International Ltd. (NASDAQ:CSGS).

Gavin McCardle

Gavin taught and lectured at high schools and universities in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga for 10 years as an ESL professional before joining the other three founders to start English-To-Go.com. He has also worked as a researcher and university administrator and on radio. He has written for newspapers and magazines in Australia and New Zealand. He has qualifications from Queensland University of Technology, Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington.

You can email us:

Editor editor@selfaccess.com
Sales sales@selfaccess.com
Helpdesk helpdesk@selfaccess.com

English-To-Go Ltd.
Shortland Street
Auckland 1001
New Zealand


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