Integral English Self-Access™ is a unique and effective approach to English Language Learning. Integral English Self-Access™ English language materials for learners, is an interactive, on-line, self-study, self-paced, anytime, anywhere, flexible learning resource designed to improve and develop the skills required for IELTS, General, and Business English.

Integral English Self-Access™ is an interactive learning system which concentrates on improvement of the three key areas of reading, writing and listening in a fun and rewarding way. Reading Comprehension exercises, grammar support and writing exercises, give learners the opportunity to practise and learn new skills. IELTS preparation gives learners hints and tips for improving IELTS scores.

Lessons are based on current affairs with use of current news articles provided by Reuters® News Agency. All courses are on-line, self study with user name and password access. Courses offer home support for all levels of learner with courses to suit every learner’s need. Find out which level you are by taking the Free Placement Test.

The Integral English Self-Access™ placement test lets you discover what level of English you have already achieved and where you need to start learning.

There are three strategic study areas:

Integral English IELTS preparation courses help to prepare learners for IELTS examinations, often an entry requirement of universities, or in some parts of the world, employment.

Integral English prepares learners from Elementary to Advanced levels of English in a series of well planned and well constructed lessons.

Integral English Business prepares learners for the business environment using vocabulary from the world of work.

22 courses and 380 lessons suitable for all learners as online, anytime, anywhere, flexible self-paced learning.

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