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Here are some comments from people who have used our lessons:

"I'm a student. When the teacher gave us this site I was so surprised to find out such useful tasks as reading and writing skills, especially for students. I just want to say that it is the best site I've ever seen. Thank U, very much!!!"
Irina, Kazakhstan

I received the results and I have 5.5 which means I can go to university with this score. Thank you for everything.... :)))) Yours sincerely, Guldem, UK

I have a wonderful experience and I strongly believe that it helped me a lot to be successful on my IELTS test. I am very pleased to let you know that I passed the test. Lucia, Paraguay
I have completed IELTS examination on the 2nd of September. After taking your short course, I found it easier to go through the exam. The models were similar to those came for the exam. Anyway I found it much easier. Thank you very much. Regards, Sheela, India.

Thanks a lot to your site. I have done my IELTS exam very well and I am confident that I will get a good band . The tips and hints u sent me just before day of my exam have helped me a lot. I am very thankful to your site. M.Yugesh, India

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in these exercises. I had very little knowledge of English before getting to start this site. Remarkably, I found that I can enjoy reading, listing and writing practice very much. Because, there are a variety of articles prepared and grammar practices are also very useful. I could not help studying. I have gained my confidence to take the next step for living in the environment where it is spoken English. I think, to get confidence is most important thing to progress for learning second language. You and your staff helped me a lot with that. I really appreciate it. Thank you all again and best wishes. Noriko, Australia
I'm very pleased to hear from you. I tried the way you told me. Of course, complete success!! Fantastic! Needless to say, I joined your class without a 3-day-trial lesson. Your class is really what I have been looking for! I'll make all my effort to get Band 7.5 in all, while enjoying your class. With many thanks, Takashi, Japan.
Hello, I used your course when I was practising for ielts exam and it really helped me attain a good score. Now, I recommended it for a friend! Thanks. Andy, Nigeria

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