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Online English course - IELTS Preparation - Tips, Hints & Strategies


This course will help you get results and improve the English skills you need to succeed in the IELTS Academic Module. The Academic module is required for entrance into undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

This course contains:

  • An introductory lesson outlining the IELTS exam.
  • 12 lessons based on newspaper articles, recordings and model essays.

Activities are designed to improve IELTS specific test-taking strategies, essay planning and organisation, reading skills and listening tips as well as general language skills.

Our IELTS Academic Preparation Course will familiarise you with the types of questions you will get on the test so you can get the best possible score. Proper preparation will ensure you get the grade you deserve at the right time.

Our course will familiarise you with the Academic Module exam structure including the test format and regulations. It will also give tips and strategies for success, as well as improving your English generally.

This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
Over 140 activities and exercises - Over 20 hours of online study.
Model essays and Task One reports.
Colourful graphics and audio.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
We have divided the course up by question type. Each lesson practices a specific skill you will need to pass your exam.


IELTS Overview - texts outlining IELTS: both the Academic Module the General IELTS module. An interpretation of IELTS bands and IELTS scores, explanation of the IELTS Academic Reading and Writing modules and outline of the Listening and Speaking sections.


IELTS Academic Reading Module - 6 lessons focusing on 9 different reading questions. The exercises are divided by question type to ensure your familiarity with the test format. The exercises are all timed so you can practise under real time constraints.


IELTS Listening - Exercises focusing on the different listening question types and using speakers with a range of accents, including British, South African, Australian, New Zealand and American. You will practise listening for and noting specific factual information, listening for main ideas, attitudes, and speakers' opinions and following academic arguments.


IELTS Academic Writing - The writing tasks are on a variety of subjects. Our IELTS Task 1 reports describe information presented in the form of graphs, tables or process diagrams. In our Writing Task 2 exercises, there are a range of model essays putting forward points of view, arguing in support of or against given statements and proposing solutions to given problems. You will work with over 30 model essays and reports and focus on planning and construction, topic sentences and using appropriate linking words.


Ideal for those who are aiming for an Academic IELTS bandscore of 5 and above. Our exercises include activities that are similar to those found in IELTS Academic module. By using the SelfAccess lessons you will be able to practise IELTS reading, listening and writing questions, and improve your IELTS scores.



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