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Welcome to IELTS Gym!

Why am I here?

Because you want to get your highest possible IELTS score. This website is just like a gym, where people are training to get in their best shape before the test.

How can IELTS Gym help me?

By making you practice until you've mastered your Listening, Reading and Writing skills. Tips and strategies are important, but it is practice that leads you to success. You must know techniques for dealing with different IELTS tasks, but only practice can make you actually use them during your exam.

How do I start?

IELTS Gym offers 2 types of online courses: one for students who have very little time to prepare and one for students who need to improve their band score. Three months study for as little as $5.00 a month!

Click here to choose your course!

The courses are suitable for people with enough knowledge of English to get IELTS Band 4 and higher.

To use any of them, all you need is a computer with Internet access and speakers or headphones to hear listening exercises. Courses will help you improve your reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and listening skills.

Shorter courses quickly familiarize you with the exam structure, give you tips, hints and strategies for success and enough practice to make you remember them. Over 140 activities and exercises - approximately 20 hours of online study for only $14.99.
Longer courses have 15 to 20 lessons, where each lesson consists of multiple exercises overall, enough material for about 30 hours of study for only $19.99.

For every course a free sample lesson is available view here!

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