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IELTS Gym and provide online learning tools for English language students. Learn English online anytime, anywhere.

Our Academic English lessons perfect for students who need to prepare for English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, FCE - First Certificate English, CAE - or TOEIC.

The English lessons and exercises are based on topical Reuters® news articles and current events. The exercises contain the types of questions and tasks used in ESL tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and FCE exams. Study English online from anywhere in your own time and at your own pace. Develop the skills you need to gain the best possible score in English tests and for university examinations.
You can practise English online - listening, reading, writing essays and letters, and grammar exercises.

All our lessons are written by professional ESL teachers with many years ESL, EFL and EAP teaching experience.

Who are we? is a part of English-To-Go Ltd., the leading provider of ESL and other educational materials over the Internet. We turn information into knowledge by supplying English lessons and English language training materials to TESOL teachers, students and home educators in over 100 countries.

At English-To-Go, we understand that English is the language of international communication. To communicate in the global economy it is not enough to know English alone. Our aim is not only to teach the English language, but also to give students and teachers the opportunity to study English online and to engage and debate issues globally. Our English lessons are carefully prepared to get students interested, encouraged and challenged. Students are exposed to fresh, global and contemporary English with the potential for real world communication through well-staged activities.

English-To-Go Ltd provides Instant Lessons™, life long learning tools that encourage development of critical thinking along with the communicative and action competency skills needed to communicate effectively in English. New lessons are added all the time and are based on news and current events from the Reuters News Agency. Our materials are fun, fresh and engaging.

The company

In early 1998 a small group of TESOL educationalists, designers and programmers agreed to work together in their spare time on developing English-To-Go. They spent nearly a year developing the teaching methodology and launched the first instant English lesson in 1998. Aptly enough, this free English lesson was called "Lift Off" and was about John Glenn's return to space.

Our first online English lesson was released on in September 2001 for free and we looked at the smoking debate.

We have also developed a third site called This site contains interactive learning tools for English language that are linked to Instant Lessons and other English-To-Go resources. These quizzes, games, listening exercises, reading comprehension exercises and English grammar exercises complement our materials from the website.
Our websites and their content are created by an international team of qualified and experienced TESOL teachers, ESL trainers, facilitators, linguists, technicians and educational experts. The lessons are used in more than 100 countries.

  • Study English online.
  • Use the English test exam type questions and exercises to learn strategies for listening, reading, writing and exam time management.
  • Use the feedback and help you are given to get the best possible score in the IELTS test, FCE, TOEFL test and to help you at university.
  • Perfect for TOEFL preparation because you can practise many different types of questions and improve your grammar, reading comprehension and writing. Study structure and written expression questions and multiple choice questions. Find the underlined errors.
  • Need to study for TWE - test of written English? Do you need to write argumentative essays or practise academic writing? Our reading comprehension exercises will help you to form opinions and organise your ideas for essay writing. We also give you model essays to work with. These will help you to write in a more effective way.
  • Do you have trouble writing a task 2 IELTS essay? Do you want help writing an essay on report on an IELTS task 1 graph? Looking for model argumentative essays? Our online lessons will help!
  • The easy-to-use site is interactive, fun and rewarding. It will allow you to customize your own English learning to develop the skills you require for university, and practise the English skills you already have.
  • There are many exercises which give you grammar support. Do you have trouble with the present perfect or English prepositions? Our online exercises help you to write essays well and use grammar in the right context.
  • Use the listening exercises to get used to the many different accents and voices you may hear in exams or while studying. We use speakers from all around the world for our recordings.
  • Often students experience problems with the reading section of an ESL exam, as they run out of time. All of the exercises are designed and timed to help you to learn to manage your time in the most effective way possible

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