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Lessons 1-10 (of 504)
Number: 906
Title: Cloud Cropping
Topic: Farming, city life
A look at the huge potential for rooftop farming in a high-density city.
Skills: Skimming, scanning and matching ideas and points of view, Grammar - 'as' to show reason and comparison.
Level: Advanced
Number: 905
Title: Social media and misinformation
Topic: Social media and Covid-19 misinformation
Do Internet and social media companies have a responsibility to fact check information on topics such as Covid-19 on their sites and to notify users when they share something that is factually incorrect or potentially harmful?
Skills: Reading - skimming and scanning news articles for information, Writing - an IELTS task two essay giving your opinion, Vocabulary - understand words in context.
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 601
Title: Wash your hands to protect yourself
Topic: Why it is so important to wash hands!
Look at excerpts from a video on how to wash hands properly and when to wash your hands.
Skills: Familiarize with vocabulary to do with hands and actions to do with handwashing, Grammar - prepositions, adverbs, Reading comprehension, Listening - gap fill, ordering tasks.
Level: All Levels
Number: 904
Title: Working round the pandemic
Topic: Virtual meetings, technology and education
These 2 articles look at video meetings and distance education and you'll practise exercises and questions types sometimes used in IELTS, FCE and TOEFL tests.
Skills: Skim news articles quickly for the general idea, match ideas and points of view, understand vocabulary in context, describe what people wear, scan a news story for specific information, read articles closely to find details.
Level: Intermediate
Number: 903
Title: People on the move
Topic: Urban drift, migration, cities
These 11 exercises look at topics and questions sometimes examined in IELTS, FCE and TOEFL tests.
Skills: Reading comprehension - skimming, scanning, Vocabulary in context, Grammar - infinitives and gerunds in context, Writing - a task two IELTS essay looking at cause and effect.
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 902
Title: Robots
Topic: Technology, employment
This lesson looks at robots and changes at work and when we go out. There are 5 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar - by + -ing
Level: Intermediate
Number: 901
Title: Get Smashing
Topic: Getting feelings out ...
Read how people around the world are venting their anger and frustration. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Listening, Vocabulary - emotions and feelings
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Number: 900
Title: City Living
Topic: The world's cities
Life in some of our cities. Is life in the suburbs or the inner city better for you? There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Listening, Grammar - adjectives
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 899
Title: Not Enough Room For More Fish In The Sea???
Topic: The environment, Pollution
What to do with the plastic? These 6 exercises look at topics and questions sometimes examined in IELTS, FCE and TOEFL tests.
Skills: Reading - Skim news articles for information, Scan a news article closely to find details. Writing - working with task one reports describing infographics.
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 898
Title: Roof Farms
Topic: The environment, farming, city life
By 2020, Paris will have more than 100 hectares of rooftop gardens and planted walls.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar - the present perfect
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lessons 1-10 (of 504)