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Branded websites through which your students can study English using our tailored courses.
Our online courses are available with or without tutor support.
We have a team of fully qualified and highly experienced tutors available or use your own tutors.

About Our Courses

IELTS Preparation:
Course features:

  • 12 weeks of lessons and exercises to prepare for IELTS.
  • Tailored courses for both the Academic Module and the General Training Module.
  • Online reading, writing, grammar, listening, pronunciation and writing exercises.
  • Authentic news articles.
  • Essays marked by a real tutor.
  • Regular online assessments.
  • Spoken tutorials with live tutors.

The course is normally run over 12 weeks and consists of 8 online IELTS lessons which have listening exercises, model essays, reading comprehension exercises, writing and grammar exercises. You can do these lessons as many times as you want to.
Our tutors mark and provide feedback on 4 essays as part of the course. These will be required fortnightly: on weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12. We have model essays to help you.
To help prepare for the speaking component there will be 4 x 30 minute calls with our tutors. These can be either over the telephone or using SKYPE. The times for the sessions would need to be arranged between the tutors and the students. These calls will be scheduled fortnightly: on weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12. There are some speaking practice exercises to help prepare for these speaking tutorials.
There are also 3 progress tests and the marks for these will be submitted to the tutors.

Our tutors are very flexible. If you are in a hurry to prepare for your upcoming exam and need to complete the course faster, let us now and we'll see what we can do!

To see your lessons or contact your tutor, simply click on "My Course".

Business English courses:
Course features:

Our 12 week business courses consist of 6 units. Each unit has at least three SelfAccess business lessons and two speaking activities. These speaking and pronunciation tasks help you prepare for weekly calls with your own personal tutor. Your regular homework tasks will be marked by a tutor and graded. Our SelfAccess lessons and assignments all have a focus on business topics and skills needed for the workplace.

General English courses:
Course features: has over 450 online lessons available. We have lessons from elementary to advanced and can provide courses from 6 weeks through to a year long at all levels. Our tutors will mark student assignments, provide feedback and give speaking lessons.

For students:

  • Prepare for exams, improve your results!
  • Improve your work prospects!

For businesses:

  • Improve staff efficiency!
  • Increase staff satisfaction!
  • Do more business, better!

For training academies:

  • Whitelabel this site to provide truly blended learning to your students!
  • Extend your market reach and teach students effectively outside the classroom!
  • Total course flexibility allows you choose from our huge and rapidly growing lesson base. (Over 450 lessons at all levels.)
  • Partner with English To Go to provide classroom settings to supplement corporate ESL training solutions.
  • Use our team of experienced and qualified tutors from all over the world or we can provide access to our LMS and use your own team of online tutors.
  • Student tracking and progress available.

See what some of our graduates said about our courses!

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