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Wed 18 Apr 07 02:33

hello everyone

Sun 6 May 07 07:03

hi every one.i have just started the course. my name is Suhil from Palestine.

Wed 9 May 07 12:55

I had nice time today in the morning tea, and i hope every one enjoy his time . thank you to clinton for the tea and biscuits and thanks for a wonderful time.
see u next Tuesday.


Mon 23 Jul 07 12:44

Hi everyone,I am really enjoying to do this course and I hope you all would be enjoying the same.We are very lucky to have the tutor like Clinton and unfortunately he is not able to check our assignment due to some mishappenings by the bad weather.Let us prey alltogther for Clinton to recover fast.Keep enjoy the learning.


Mon 23 Jul 07 12:44

Hi everyone,I am really enjoying to do this course and I hope you all would be enjoying the same.We are very lucky to have the tutor like Clinton and unfortunately he is not able to check our assignment due to some mishappenings by the bad weather.Let us prey alltogther for Clinton to recover fast.Keep enjoy the learning.


Tue 7 Aug 07 07:10

it has been a wonderful opportunity for me to finish this course with the great help from our nice friendly and amazing tutor ( Clinton)
good luck for every one

Tue 7 Aug 07 08:00

Yesterday, I went fishing and had a great time :-) . But I didn't catch any fish :-( .

It was a beautiful afternoon and very relaxing and I wondered what you all enjoy doing to relax on the weekends - can you let us know by posting a reply?

Wed 22 Aug 07 02:38

Recipe for Prawn chips....

do you have a good recipe for Prawn chips? Can you share it here please?!?!?

Thu 23 Aug 07 00:58

You can type any word into this website and get the meaning. And you can get the pronunciation of the word. You can also type in the word in English and get the translation to Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, French and so on (280 different languages).

If you give it a go, please let us know how you like it.

Fri 24 Aug 07 14:13

Hello Jessica.

This Saturday to invite you a party in my home. This idea is communicating which different people.

I invited this Thursday in ESOL an all people and is extent my invitation for you and Clinton.

My address is: 150 Parakiore Road, KAMO. nearly at the Buddhism Centre. The time beginning the party is 19:30 hours.

IMPORTANT: Bring anything.



Fri 24 Aug 07 14:19


This Saturday to invite you a party in my home. This idea is communicating which different people.

I invited this Thursday in ESOL an all people and is extent my invitation for you and Clinton.

My address is: 150 Parakiore Road, KAMO. nearly at the Buddhism Centre. The time beginning the party is 19:30 hours.

IMPORTANT: Bring anything.



Thu 6 Sep 07 02:05

It was pleasure to meet you all on Tuesday class.
I'm enjoying my studying at the moment.
I hope you all enjoy with your studying too.
It's raining outside. It's very nice day for studying.
have a lovely day .

Thu 13 Sep 07 11:48

Hello Clinton,

Thank and very much, for you email...

I need to talk with you, about Study Permit.

See you...

Pedro P.

Tue 25 Sep 07 03:36

Today is the beginning of the school holidays.

Let us know what you and your family will be doing over the next two weeks.

Nothing at all?

Thanks everyone and have a great two weeks!!!

ps: We are having morning tea 25 Sept AND 2 Oct. All are welcome!


Wed 24 Oct 07 04:55

Hello evryone.

I'd like evryone to share their favourite place to eat.

I really like Piman(?) Thai restaurant in Whangarei city.
It is a Thai restaurant.

I also love the steak place in Auckland.
It is called Angus steak house.

What about you?
Where's your favourite restaurant?

Wed 24 Oct 07 05:02

Hello evryone.

I'd like evryone to share their favourite place to eat.

I really like Piman(?) Thai restaurant in Whangarei city.
It is a Thai restaurant.

I also love the steak place in Auckland.
It is called Angus steak house.

What about you?
Where's your favourite restaurant?

Wed 24 Oct 07 05:08

Hello evryone.

I'd like evryone to share their favourite place to eat.

I really like Piman(?) Thai restaurant in Whangarei city.
It is a Thai restaurant.

I also love the steak place in Auckland.
It is called Angus steak house.

What about you?
Where's your favourite restaurant?

Sun 4 Nov 07 07:41

hello,everone!it's my first time to come here to study .but i don't konw how to work and study english.i need your help,please ...!

Sat 15 Dec 07 14:45

Merry Xmas Everybody!!

I just thought I'd find out what you are all doing over Christmas. I have a few weeks holiday, so I think I'll have Christmas at home with my family and then we might go on a trip around Gisborne for a few weeks (we've never been there).
Anyway, if any of you know anything about Gisborne, it will be good to know, or, if you have any interesting plans it will be good to hear those too!!
hope you all have a great break and fantastic New Year!!

Wed 26 Dec 07 15:56

Hello, Everybody.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Best wishes for verybody and family.
Regards, Pablo.

Thu 26 Jun 08 12:25

Hey everyone,

What are your favourite things to do in the wintertime in NZ?

I like going for long walks on the beach looking at all the things the sea has washed in (this is called beachcombing)!

Let us know what you do, it might give us all some ideas of things to do over the winter months!

Wed 20 Aug 08 19:28

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